Yet Another Color and Appearance of Tawa Tawa Herb

Tawa tawa herb. The popular alternative cure for dengue fever. It has been tried and tested by many patients. Press to jump and read various cure stories.

Based from my observations, there are two varieties available. The one with light green stalks and leaves. The other appears to have reddish complexion. The stalk, leaves, root systems and flowers are basically the same. Only the color appearance vary.

While cleaning corn experimental area, I noticed another color variation of tawa tawa. Again, all the physical structures are the same, only the color differs. The leaves has prominent dark color on edges. I am not sure if it can be used for dengue treatment too.

Has anyone tried it already? Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to try it.

darker tawa tawaThe plant was found in Cavite State University Nursery grounds.

Another. Look very much like tawa tawa herb but the flower is different. The flower resemble the agave plant. I guessed this one is not applicable for dengue treatment.

agave like flower tawa fakeFound in a place not too far from nursery.

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