The Health Benefits of Oatmeal Avenanthramides

I am preparing my own oatmeal drink by mixing two tablespoons of instant oats,  a teaspoon sugar and unmeasured amount of milk  in a mug. Then I fill it with a newly boiled water. I am drinking this simple recipe every morning. I used to drink coffee but switched to oatmeal drink eventually.

Two years ago, my doctor recommended oatmeal as part of my diet because it can decrease the quantity of bad cholesterol- responsible for blood clogging and heart attack. I am obedient so I am practicing the advice. I do not want to be attacked by the traitor disease.

Oatmeal consumption has other benefits besides lowering the the quantity of low-density lipoprotein, the bad cholesterol. Here it goes!

The study of Mohsen Meydani showed that phenolic antioxidant in oats actually obstruct the ability of blood to stick to artery walls. The substance called avenanthramides from oats significantly suppress the adhesive molecules that glue blood to artery walls. Sticking of blood to artery walls might cause narrowing of blood passage. It gonna end in heart attack eventually.Thanks to oats, this tragic event can be prevented.

The acclaimed benefits of avenanthramides never ends here. The substance may also contribute to relaxation of arteries and prevention of atherosclerosis by increasing nitric oxide production and inhibiting smooth muscle cells (SMC) proliferation.

Oat intakes is also known to reduce blood pressure.

oats grains

Avenanthramides also decrease the expression of inflammatory molecules, a chronic inflammation of arterial wall that might cause diseases.

A recent findings suggest that eating oat may help reduce the risk of colon cancer because of high fiber content and the substance avenanthramides.

It might also prevent the onset of coronary hearth disease.

image courtesy of rasbak /article excerpted from usda publication

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