Benefits of Bacillus clausii, Erceflora

Our baby boy was experiencing a loss bowel movement for more than three days. He was pooping four or more times a day. However, we could not arrived to a conclusion that it was really an LBM. He looked perfectly fine. He was very aggressive playing all day and never complain for anything. He never had a fever and cold either. We brought him to pediatrician when he started to poo undigested foods. We were worried that he might not absorbing enough nutrients.

We found out that our baby had tonsillitis and stool infection. Good bacteria were overpowered by bad counterparts. Pedia recommended him to take antibiotics and Erceflora. This Erceflora was given once a day together with antibiotic medication. Tonsillitis and stool infection were cured after three days.

Erceflora captured my attention. The generic name is Bacilllus clausii, an obvious strain of bacteria. description stated – oral suspension and antidiarrheal of microbial origin. Hmm… maybe it is a probiotic bacteria like Lactobacilli casei of Yakult and Chamyto.

erceflora bacillus clausii

Label says it contain 2 billions of polyantibiotic-resistant Bacillus clausii spores per 5 ml. Such a huge number!

I did some googling. I really wanted to know more about this bacteria. I found several uses and benefits of this good microorganisms.

1) It produce subtilisins, a high alkaline protease. Prevent and threat various gastrointestinal disorders by means of oral bacteriotheraphy.

2) Function is somewhat like Yakult with a more hydrating effect.

3) Spores are used as probiotics to improved the intestinal microbial balance during antibiotic usage. Bacillus clausii spores are resistant to antibiotics. It can be used in conjunction with antibiotic treatment.

4) Modify immune system function of the GI tract.

5) Act as anti-microbial agent.

6) Believed to be producing ezymes that lead to positive effects. Release anti-microbial compounds and increase production of immunoglobin A.

This Bacillus clausii, Erceflora, is really helpful for my child.



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