Baking Soda for Energy Drinks

Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate or nahcolite is a weak alkaline substance. It has the following uses:

1) a deodorizer for acidic odors
2) mix with laundry to enhance detergent’s effectiveness
3) it balance swimming pool pH and keep it clean
4) a leavening agent in bread making
5) meat tenderizer
6) fire extinguisher
7) abrasive cleaner
8) toothpaste replacement
9) ants and insects repellent

sodium bicarbonate

Another use of baking soda was discovered as reported by ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda. The substance can help improve athletes performance according to study conducted by National Taiwan College of Physical Education. A little amount of baking soda mixed in beverage is enough. Tennis players consumed with beverage-baking soda mixed showed improved playing performance. The research team discovered that sodium bicarbonate helps reduce fatigue and good performance.

Baking soda and baking powder are totally different.

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