Increasing Iron Content of Beans

The government fight against iron deficiency continues. First, I encountered the very popular iodized salt. The fortified salt was extensively promoted by the government. Then the iodine-fortified drinking water and the iron-fortified rice. various types of beans

More and more commercial food companies follow the food fortification scheme as part of their marketing adventure.

Now, scientists want to develop plants that provide iron:

Beans that add pleasing tastes and textures to chili, soups, and other favorite dishes may tomorrow be an even better source of an essential nutrient—iron. That’s a goal of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) physiologist Raymond P. Glahn. His studies may help plant breeders develop new and improved beans. Glahn, based at the ARS Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health on the Cornell University campus at Ithaca, N.Y., collaborates in the research with Elad Tako, an ARS research associate; Michael A. Rutzke, a Cornell University analytical chemist; and others.

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