Health Benefits of Cassava Leaves

A word of warning before I proceed. Cassava leaves contain 15 to 20 time cyanide compare to roots. But this is easily degraded during cooking. So, don’t ever try to eat raw leaves.


a. Young cassava leaves are popular vegies due to high content of protein, minerals and vitamins. According to studies, consumption of 400g cassava leaves is equivalent to protein intake of 45 to 50 grams

b. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 vitamin C, calcium, calories, phosphorus, protein, fat, carbohydrate and iron.

c. Leaves can be a cure for rheumatism, headache, fever, fester, diarrhea and wormy. It can also increase stamina. See procedures here.

See the popular cassava leaves vegetarian recipe here.

Please read again the first paragraph before taking any action.

You ca read my post about cyanide in cassava here.

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  1. Yes, a good friend of mine told me to use the young shoots and can be cooked as salads. But he also said that tastes better if prepared as ginataan. Have planted some and will still try it as food. Cook it well to destroy the small amounts of hydrocyanic acid (HCN) present.

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