Regular and Quick Cooking Oatmeal Are Better Than Instant

Me, my wife and our baby boy went to town plaza yesterday. The next day is Aedan’s 10th month anniversary (our baby boy).  We ate spaghetti and hamburger in Jollibee for a very simple celebration. Besides going out is good for him. This can help him removed his shyness.

After, went to nearby Mercury Drug store and bought  Growee vitamin supplement and Alactamil (6 to 12 month baby formula).  I got out of stock of oatmeal so I bought a big package too. I always choose the instant, just add hot water and it is ready in an instant. I am a bit lazy to cook the other one, the quick cook oats.

She told me that quick cook oat is better and oats that needs 20 minutes cooking time is the best. Hmm.. She should have told it to me earlier. Anyway, there is always next time.  I never know where can I buy regular cooking oats but at least the quick cook oats are available from the store.

So, it means the instant oats are inferior! Why? I did some research to find out.

instant oatmeal

Instant oats are coarsely chopped, precooked, flattened and dried. Chopping process only reduced the pieces to smaller bits – no problem about it. Precooking  entails the addition of water and heating it for a particular time frame. Some nutrients and flavors leach out. Flattening of wet oats in metal rollers squeeze out more flavors and nutrients (oh no!). Drying by means of heat treatment might further destroy some nutrients and flavors. I wonder how much are left!

Quick cook oats, from its name, use the quick-cooking oat variety. It also undergo the process of precooking but it is less rigorous. Less loss of nutrients.

Next, I will try to find regular oats or buy the quick cook oats at least.

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