Sweet Beverages are Linked with Obesity And Other Diseases

Television commercials about different beverages are very encouraging. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, thirst quencher, gives an extra energy to keep you going, body cleanser & antioxidant, helps attain sexy and slim body, and contains photochemical that fights cancer.beverages and other drinks

Testimonies and claims might be true for some products but most often they are not. In fact, increase rate of obesity is related to consumption of sweet beverages (juice drinks, soft drinks, instant coffees and teas). Most of the beverages are just liquid candies, contains water, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives and little amount of fruit juice if any. Brands with high amount of natural fruit ingredients are few and expensive.

Buying instant juice drink is very convenient compare to preparation of nutritious real fruit juice. A couple of peso is enough so satisfy one’s thirst. Preparation of healthy juices includes going to market, washing, peeling, extraction, adjustment of taste with brown sugar and cleaning of the used equipment and utensils. On the other hand, soft drinks can be bought from nearby sari-sari store – perfect when you are in a hurry or just don’t want to shed any sweat.

High intake of liquid candies is associated with the occurrence of the following diseases:

– obesity
– diabetes
– tooth decay
– osteoporosis
– bone fracture
– nutritional deficiency
– eating disorder

Eating disorder happen when you are unable to consume nutritious products because you are already full with beverages of less nutritive value.

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