How to Prevent Getting Bird Flu, Avian Influenza

Bird flu or avian influenza is sickness of birds (including chicken, duck and geese). The disease is transferable to human by direct contact to bird’s saliva, dung and mucus discharge.

There are some tips to prevent getting bird flu:young native chicken hopping

1) Never put bird, pig and other captive animal in the same cage.
2) Keep the animal herd / farm away from people’s residents.
3) Maintain good hygiene – wash hands regularly especially after touching live birds.
4) Never attempt to hold any dead bird. Report it to veteririan for proper disposal.

The Philippine Department of Health is preventing the entrance of bird flu or avian flu. They have alerted all the airports to use thermal scanners. All individuals who are positive to thermal scanners are detained and examined for possible bird flu illness. Individuals with temperature of 37.5 °C are held under observation before entry or exit. Those with temperature of 38-39 °C are not permitted for entry or exit, they are held in medical quarantine instead.

The effort was initiated after Hongkong confirmed one case of bird flu in their territory.

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