Bland Should Be The Taste of Healthy Foods?

Father was angry with mom again because the tinolang manok taste bland, amount of salt added was not enough. The scenario is now history. Father’s taste buds undergone a major makeover after he suffered dizziness and breathing difficulty. His cholesterol level was high. Doctor advised him to refrain from eating fatty foods, too sweets, salty and other foods with strong flavors. unique tongue Now he loves eating bland tasting dishes.

Most meat flavors are stored in fats, like pork back fat. The most delectable chicken parts are wings and skin, cause they are the most fatty part. Foods with a bite of saltiness taste better. Almost every home dish require salt. Other foods require sugar to taste better. Do you still remember the taste of of first generation diet colas, their taste was yuck. A fruit jam is not a jam if its not very sweet. I seem almost all of the delectable foods have a strong distinct flavor.

However, most delicious foods are not healthy. Foods that are too sweet, too salty and those with artificial flavors have significant bad effects on human health. Meat consumption is related to development of many life threatening diseases.

Fruits are exceptions. Most of them are naturally delectable and healthy. They are sweet but you cannot find fruits as sweet as colas, ice creams and chocolates.

Vegetables are bland foods. They are not sweet and not salty. Some of them are bitter. Reasons behind why many individuals never like eating vegetables. Eating them might not be enjoyable but pure vegetarianism is a proven formula for life longevity and cure for many chronic diseases.

How about honey? Honey produce by bees are too sweet.

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