Apple Cider Vinegar

Ignoring the hearsay rules, I poured some apple cider vinegar in glass of instant orange juice. Still tasted like juice, only more sour. I drank it after breakfast.

The hearsay rule. Dilute apple cider vinegar in plain water and drink it early in the morning, before breakfast. I obviously violated two.

Mama bought an apple cider because of the old same reason. She heard from someone that it is good for the health. Healthiness is really a good selling point.

I remembered the scene few years ago. A clever businessman was making a fortune by selling kaong vinegar. What she did? She made an improvement in taste quality, packed it in elegant bottle and throw a tons of health claims. Would you believed? Vinegar can cure sore throat.

The product brand name is Bragg. Not from the word brag which means “show off”. It was from the surname of the owner I guess. However, the similarity in pronunciation make it kinda sound good.

apple cider vinegar bragg label

Here is the dilution ratio and intake times, as written legibly on label. Put one to two tsps in 8 oz water. Take three times daily. Maybe sweeten with sugar, honey, maple syrup or molasses.

So what I did is not necessarily wrong. It can be added with sweetener to improve the taste. Best taken three times a day. No notes whether to take it on full or empty stomach.

Explaining some label terms.

Raw – unfiltered. No heat treatment employed from juice extraction, mother preparation, harvesting and to packaging. The cider vinegar is package as is, no filtration done. The evidence is the mud-like thing that settles to bottom.

With the mother. For traditional vinegar making. The starting solution is mainly 1/3 mother and the other 2/3 is freshly prepared juice. Mother contains the live organisms needed to commence reaction which is Acetobacter aceti. Natural vinegar starters usually contain other microbial flora. Upon completion, 2/3 is harvested and the rest is left to serve as mother of the next batch. Basically, all naturally produced vinegar has fair amount of mother.

Naturally gluten free. From the best of my knowledge, only wheat products have gluten.

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