Some Untold Facts About Breast Milk ??????

Breastfeeding mom should eat healthy in order for her baby to be healthy too. The nutrients provided by the breast milk is dependent on food eaten by moms. A healthy mother is expected to rear healthy child, a malnourished will do otherwise.question mark

Mom told me that some foods should not be eaten by breastfeeding mother. E.g. when my big brother was still a baby, mom was always avoiding all sort of cassava preparations. Eating such made the baby suffered from vomiting. It might be coincidence but it always happen every time she eat cassava.  Every baby have a different food adaptability so every mom should observed their food habit carefully.

Another story told by friend: Every time his few months old baby catches a cold, she is taking a cold medicine. She is thinking that her baby is too young to take drugs so she is taking the generic cold medicine for her baby. Her deed is effective.

Mom should not breastfeed in case of sickness such as cold and fever. The milk will have bad effects on baby.

I never know the truthfulness of above statements. Please tell me your opinions! Her breast milk was insufficient for our baby. She used to breastfeed once a day then the rest was commercial formula. Baby eventually refused breast milk. She have no additional experience to share.


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