Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace

I am wondering why there is a breastfeeding station inside SM Mall. I am seeing its door every time I am on my way to comfort room. I am curious what is inside. No one was entering and going out so I never had a chance to glance. I am guessing breastfeeding on-the-go is not in practice. Moms always carry infant formula to keep their baby’s tummy full. Filipino women are conservative type, most feel ashamed of doing it in public.

I know, maybe, the management wants their establishment to be a “Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace”. Not only for mall customers and strollers but for their own employees too.

I got the idea when I saw the FNRI-DOST was certified as “Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace”. It was included in their regular publication.

mother-baby friendly workplace certification

The agency said they ensures the promotion and practice of breastfeeding by providing a healthy and safe working conditions for women through the establishment of a lactation station.

It is a well-lighted and clean room with comfortable sofa equipped with the basic amenities such as lavatory, refrigerator, table and breast pumps. Breastfeeding moms are given 40 minute break to express their milk for later use.

In my imagination, I have a rough idea on how the breastfeeding station looks like.

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