While Browsing Information About Ashitaba Plant

There is a dedicated ashitaba website , the www.ashitaba.com. It is a webstore selling various ashitaba products, the ashitaba tablets, powders and teas. I think the products for sale are from China. The packaging designs and text labels are suggestive of Chinese Country.

Webmd.com stated, ashitaba is a large herb. A native of Japan. All plant parts can be used for medicinal preparation. It can be used for treating food poisoning, cancer, fever, constipation, stomach ulcers, heartburn, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, small fox and etc… Efficacy is uncertain however.

Pregnant and lactating women are discouraged to use the herb.

Jbsl-net.com. The word ashitaba means “tommorow leaf” in Japanese language. It probably got its name from its ability to grow leaves the day after pulling it off the ground. It contain many nutrients which are believed responsible for health benefits.

Our fellow Filipinos are selling ashitaba leaves on Sulit.com.ph. I opened two tabs and got a bit confused. What I saw were Gynura precumbens, not ashitaba. Maybe the latter has the same effect and it is called the local ashitaba, or mistakenly called such.

From freewebs.com/ashitaba. One hundred grams of dried powder contains: beta carotene, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C … B1, B3, B5, B6, biotin, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc copper, manganese, sulfur and silicon.

It has chalcones, a substance found in ashitaba and is responsible for array of beneficial characteristics. A potent antioxidant. Known to treat/prevent Alzheimer’s disease and type 1 diabetes.

The recommended intake is one teaspoon powder in the morning and evening, taken with small amount of juice, then followed by water. No info yet on liquid form intake.

According to ehow, tea can be prepared by: gathering ashitaba and air drying. Grinding using minimal force or cutting with scissors. Then steeping one teaspoonful in 12 ounces of water.

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