Young Coconut Water / Buko as UTI Cure?

I was applying as service crew in one of the Philippines most popular fast food chain. I was working as student assistant in my alma mater. My monthly salary was too little to support my studies. Becoming a fast food chain service crew will surely give me more income for my needs and reduce my parents burden.

I passed the examination and two interviews. I was happy but became sad. I failed the physical and medical tests. Findings revealed that I had a urinary tract infection, UTI. Speaking of wrong timing!

The doctor prescribed a medicine and asked me to come back after one week.

I was disappointed and never came back. I never took the medicine. I continued my job as student assistant. I had a changed of mind.

After few days. I had a talk with one of my friends. He also applied as service crew. Diagnosed with UTI. The same case as me. He came back after one week and passed the medical exam.

What he did? He drank a lot of buco juice for one whole week but never took any medicine. Rumors? Young coconut water is good for curing urinary tract infection.

It was not the last time I heard about it. A neighbor suffering from kidney stone is regularly drinking buco juice. They are saying that it can break the disorder. Never heard about the results though.

An old thread on – Some were proving about the young coconut water efficacy. Others never believed. Drinking lots of liquid really cleanses the body of impurities. Other liquids  like fruit juices and pure drinking water will also do the work.

What happened to my urinary tract infection? I never did anything. I was free of any disease the next school year.

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