Eating Takyong Snail and House Lizard as Asthma Cure

I have asthma when I was a kid. A short distance walk was enough to make me breath deeply. The hika was gone when I grew up. I never knew if my mom gave me some sort of medication or not. I am too lazy to ask! butiki

One of my cousins have asthma too when he was a child. He took native medication. I saw him eating fried or roasted lizard. When he was not in the mood to eat such, his mom will chop it to pieces and mix to rice. He was often eating lizards unknowingly.  His hika was also gone now.

I heard another hika cure from Jessica Soho episode. It is the takyong snail. A bush snail popular in Borbon, Cebu. Bob Taneo stated: He had an asthma when he was a kid. His mom told him to eat takyong snail – claimed to be a good asthma cure. He ate and ate takyong and the illness was gone eventually.  He continues to eat the native snail and his asthma never came back again.

On the contrary, doctors are explaining that some children are showing asthma symptoms due to weak immune system. As the child grows, the immune system gets stronger to exterminate the disease. Symptoms should go away by seven years of age or it will be permanent. A burden  through a life time.


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