The C-Lium Fiber Promo Pack

c-lium fiber promo packA sample pack of C-Lium Fiber. I thought it had only fiber sachet but I found ten capsules and a five grams sachet.

c-lium fiber promo pack contentLet us deal with the sachet and leave the capsules for my wife.

The labels say.

C-Lium Fiber is 100% fire. It is the highest source of soluble fiber and possibly the best food fiber in the world. It helps eliminate constipation, promotes regular bowel movement and assists in removing waste and toxins from the colon and intestines. It is also a natural fat absorber which aids weight and blood sugar management. It helps lower cholesterol levels which may reduce the risk of heart disease.

how psyllium fiber lookIt has only one ingredient, the Psyllium fiber.


Take once a day ideally during breakfast. For weigh and blood sugar management take 30 minutes before meals. Adjust dosage to suit individual metabolism and fiber requirement. I think you need to do the research on your own daily fiber requirement and how much fiber this supplement can give.

Empty one sachet (5 grams or 1 tablespoon) in a half glass water or juice. Stir. Drink an extra glass of water soon after. Drink plenty of water all day. Regular daily intake recommended.

adding psyllium fiber to waterInstead of half glass, I emptied the content in a small coffee cup filled with water. Stirred it for a bit and let stand for few minutes. The fibers became swollen and the mixture seemed like a citrus jelly.

swollen psyllium fibersWhy mixing in a juice is suggested? It has no flavor. Its taste was completely flat. Those who are cutting on calories can use just plain water.

The warning said it should not be eaten dry. I guess it has something to do with its high water absorbing capacity.

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  1. Thats good indetail inforrmartion about constipation & stomech problems & treatment by good fibers medicine, thanks a lot.

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