Roasted Calamansi, Heavy Sugar Syrup and Cough

It is one of the many home invented cough remedy. Drinking a fresh roasted calamansi juice super saturated with sugar. It works well for mild occasional coughing but maybe worthless for persistent symptoms. It already worked for me many times  but not the last time.

Manner of preparation. Get several fresh calamansi, about five to six pieces. Roast it over fire until sudden bursts of flame start coming out of the skin and or the skin become discolored. Extract the sour and astringent juice. Remove the seeds. Add about one to two tablespoons of sugar. Add a little recently boiled water in order to dissolved the sugar. Mix well and drink.

fresh calamansiroasted calamansicalamansi with sugarThe resulting mixture is thick (but not as thick as honey), sour, astringent and too sweet. Taking it in might result to a face expression similar to taking a sip of vinegar.

Usually taken before going to bed to prevent coughing and have a good night sleep.

Other popular alternative cough cures are:

Honey. Same as above. Take it before going to bed. It is claimed that honey is able to destroy mucus and unclogged air passages. Suits pain and irritation.  The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties might really help cure coughs. Not recommended for young children though.

Okra. It is said that slippery mucilage helps relieved throat irritation.

Water left over night in garden.  A glass half-filled with water is left overnight in garden uncovered.  The collected morning dew, hamog,  is the essential component of this alternative medicine. This one is totally unjustifiable.

update as of June 29, 2012. Please see “What not to take when having dry cough| Doctor’s Advice“.

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