The Nine Uses of Calamansi

Also known as kalamansi , calamansi, calamondin.

1) Calamansi is processed to juice, concentrate, acidulant for other juices, jellies, jam and marmalade.

2) A rich source of Vitamin C. Cures cough and cold.

3) Calamansi juice is also used as a meat tenderizer and adds flavor to the dishes. Can be made to sauce and marinade.

4) It also helps strengthen the bones and stimulate growth especially among growing children.

5) Helps in smooth blood circulation facilitate normal digestion due to its alkalinizing effect.

6) Treatment for itchy scalp and enhancing hair growth.

7) It can also heal insect bites, remove freckles, clear up acne, cure pimples, and deodorize underarms.

8) Heavy stain remover.

9) Peel can be processed to candy (jump here) or use for other purposes (jump here).


Additional update as of July 2016.

Donya Alinejhad et. al. (2015) found that rind of calamansi plant contains tannins, which ca be extracted by maceration with water. Anti-inflamatory property is effective in increasing dose of 250, 500 and 1000 mg/kg.

Study of Mary Jane G. Barluado et. al. (2013) proved that C. microcarpa peel extract exhibits both antiangiogenic and antioxidant properties. They recommend development of anti-cancer therapy envisaged, antiangiogenic and antioxidant bioassays of the extract using tumor-positive animal.

Hara Alyssa Dilig et. al. () found garlic and calamansi leaves extract to have antifungal activity.


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  1. It is true and
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