Update: Tawa Tawa and Ginger Extract can Kill Dengue Virus

fresh tawa tawa herb

The initial study result about tawa tawa herb was very promising. And there is more, the spicy ginger gave a promising result too. Laboratory trials showed that 99 percent of dengue viral plaque can be killed by tawawa extract. Ginger extract can kill 56 percent. For the advancement, it will be tested in animals.

Other medicinal herbs included in the study are:

centella / takip suso/ takip kuhol

The study is being done by the Saint Lukes Medical Center through the funding of the Department of Science and technology (DOST).

The Department of Health (DOH) stated: Taking tawa tawa herb as dengue cure is not yet recommended. It is still best to go to hospital as early as possible for treatment.

5 Replies to “Update: Tawa Tawa and Ginger Extract can Kill Dengue Virus”

  1. My friend used papaya leaves to increase his daughter’s blood platelets when she had 1st-grade dengue about 6weeks ago. He used the following procedure:

    > Wash clean a bunch of papaya leaves then heat over an open fire until they become a little soft and wilted.
    > Chop finely.
    > Place chopped papaya leaves on a clean cloth (tshirt quality), roll the cloth, and wring out the juice. The cloth will act as a strainer.
    > Drink pure.

    He had his daughter take it 4-5 times before her next blood test and her platelets shot up to normal.
    Note, however, that other symptoms of dengue have to be addressed as well.

  2. here in Cebu or most Visayas area, people have been using this tawa-tawa (mangagaw in bisaya) eversince. lots of dengue-infections were saved just by using boiled tawa-tawa. take it from me, my daughter was also one of those saved by tawa-tawa.

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