Prevent Tooth Decay by Not Eating Candies

I went to dentist in order to remove my aching tooth. While the dentist is removing the culprit tooth, I asked her why dog, cat and cow don’t suffer from tooth decay. The dentist told me that these animals are not eating candies and other kind of sweet stuffs.

Tooth decay occurs in this manner: When we eat food and other sweets, we produce left-overs in our mouth. Some strains of Streptococci and Lactobacilli feed on these left-overs especially on glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose and cooked starches. These strains of bacteria produces acid ( mostly lactic acid ) that dissolve the hard teeth enamel (calcium) leading to cavities.

So it means that a candy lover can still suffer from tooth decay even if he is brushing his teeth three times a day.  In order to prevent a decaying tooth, we must brush our teeth  regularly and abstain from eating sweet stuffs like ice cream and candies.

I wish somebody could invent a sugar-free candy!

 a wrapped lollipop

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