Canned Juice Drink?

Juice drink? Just when did it changed to such. It is juice drink all along? I thought all canned juices have more percentage natural juice or nearly 100%. I know even if it is labeled 100% natural, it isn’t. Manufacturer sure adds some additive to make the shelf life significantly longer. It is pure when you extract it yourself or someone do it in your presence.

I am not a fan of instant juices in stand-up pouches. I am well aware that they are water plus flavorings, sugar and preservatives. It is some kind of scam. Making so much margin for a very little capital. It is unhealthy and can never quench thirst.

For some reasons, before, I had never seen canned juice drink. They are either labeled as juice, nectar or 100%. Whenever I have a severe cold or feel like filling in and there is no fruit around, I go for canned juice. My favorite is canned pineapple juice. The brand is Del Monte I think. It is sour, barely sweet but gets my colds cure in few days. I regard other popular and cheaper brands as daily maintenance.

Why I noticed only now. The small “juice drink” words under the product name. Sure I am not paying attention well.

I wanna stop buying it. Based on my stored knowledge, juice drinks contains 30% or less natural juice. It is 70% water and other ingredients. Looks like I need more than three to get 100%.

Europe, Africa, Middle East and former Soviet Union. There is additional notice in label. The product is not to be sold or resold in this countries. Not sure why. Maybe these territories have special standards that has not been met.

This, for sure, is affected by sugar tax under the TRAIN law. Sugary drinks are linked to increased obesity rate, chances of diabetic and others. Government want reduce this problem by forcing people to refrain purchases. If the measure is not effective. At least, they can earn more from it.

Other countries are doing extra measures. A levy on sweets and banning the advertisements.

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