The Phytochemicals in Carrots: Polyacetylene and Falcarinol

I have a previous article that talks about how to make natural carrot juice and its health benefits. Antioxidant property is of the greatest benefits, being able to prevent and repair cell damage, avoid cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Scientist discovered that antioxidants can be tripled by exposing it UVB. Triple the benefits by just eating one serving. Very useful in time of supply scarcity.

carrot slices

I am eating carrots when it is mixed with vegetable dishes or salad. I drink carrot juice. I also like the taste of raw carrots. I eat it like what Bugs Bunny does.  Now, a recent study result is giving me more reasons to eat the orange root.

Carrots are natural source of polyacetylenes. It is not the same as acetylene – the very strong heat used for various metal works. They are phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants. They help fight the development of cancer, heart illness and other chronic diseases. Carrots have high amounts of polyacetylenes.

Polyacetylenes are classified into four categories:

1) the anti inflammatory and anti-platelet

2) the anti fungal and anti-viral

3) the anti-bacterial and anti-mycobacterial

4) cytotoxicity to cancer cells / anti-cancer

Based on four listed characteristics, I can say that it can fight huge amount of diseases. Regular carrot consumption will have a significant impact on keeping the doctor away. Well, it should also be partnered with other healthy foods.

I already heard a lot of testimonies of cancer survivors. Their chronic illness were cured by eating only fruits and vegetables. Bioactive compounds played a significant role in curing their illness.

Falcarinol was found to be the most active plant polyactylene. It fights cancer cells. Eating carrots is like a very mild chemotherapy with no pains. Good in illness prevention.




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