Chewing Gum To Relieve Ear Pain

About 4 pm, I suddenly felt humming sound and pain in my left ear. It was the first time I experience such. The pain was bearable but it caused loss of my concentration. I felt dizzy and and all sounds seemed coming from my right side.

The first two possible reasons that came inside my mind. A pimple growing inside my ear or a pressure created by frequent coughing, colds and sneezing. The two are not the only possible reasons. Causes listed on world wide web are too many to mention.

My sense of balance was impaired but I still managed driving home safely. Then hurriedly went to nearby sari-sari store and bought the immediate remedy, the chewing gum. Two of my close relatives had an ear problem before, chewing gum was recommended by their doctors.

I chewed  gum for two hours before going to bed and slept with my left ear facing upward. I woke up in the morning with a partially relieved pain and able to work to the whole day.  I continued chewing gums hoping for a complete cure.

empty chewing gum package

I never wanted putting extra strain on my ears so I slept on my right shoulder.

Here are some chewing gum tips. All are just personal opinions. I love chewing gums. However, I stopped for months in order to cure my persistent dry cough.

1) Choose a good quality gum. Preferably those which are made of natural ingredients. Cheaper gums toughened after about 30 seconds and put too much strain on jaws.

2) Chew it gently and slowly. Rapid and forceful action will make the jaws in pain after a day or two. Then taking a meal might be harder.

3) Rest for a while when pain is beginning to manifest. Or, follow a specific rhythm . Discard the gum after 30 minutes, rest for the next 30 minutes and chew another.

4) Take a frequent sip of water. Prolonged chewing tends to dry the mouth walls – the reason why I temporarily stopped during dry coughing. A frequent sip of water will retain the moisture.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor!

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