Eating Native Chicken, Alternative for People with Chicken Allergy

I heard a lot about shrimp allergies, reactions may vary from very mild to life threatening. Treatment is easy, just stay away from the very delicious and yummy shrimps. I am very lucky that I am not allergic to this very delectable food. I love it.

The next thing to shrimp is the chicken. Chicken tinola, adobo, curry, sinigang and fried are some of my favorite. Too bad cause some individual cannot consume chicken meat either. Those have chicken allergies. Cases of chicken allergies are rare but I have already met one in person.roasted native chicken

This woman told me that she was able to eat chicken safely when she was young but the allergy developed as she grew up. She was experiencing skin itchiness, scratching it repeatedly resulted in wounds and rashes. She was hospitalized and took antibiotic medication twice.

Chicken allergy is the bodies adversed reaction after eating chicken. Reactions are cause by chicken skins, feathers and excrements (waste matter such as urine, sweat and feces).

Taking antibiotics is not a good idea so she searched for alternative cure. Then a good friend told her that she might be allergic to chicken. Eating native chicken would be safer because it is not stuffed with lot of chemicals.

Broiler chicken or the 45 days chicken is the popular choice in our market place. The term 45 days is used because the rearing from chick to adult is only 45 days. Some feeding regime can make the period shorter to only 35 days. But the chicken need non-stop supply of commercial feeds and lot of medications to meet the short time frame of growth. This makes the chicken stuffed with lots of chemicals that might cause allergies. Not yet proven but the possibility is high.

From then on she stopped eating broiler chicken. Then the allergy never occurred again. When she tried eating the native chicken or the organic chicken, the allergy symptoms never happened either. The conclusion is – she is only allergic to broiler chicken.

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