Chico Seeds for Removing Kidney and Bladder Stone

I was eating chico. I accidentally bit the seed. It broke and I hurriedly spitted it out. I was afraid that it might contain poisonous substance. Some fruits have edible flesh but have toxic seeds. The perfect example of this is guyabano.Its a delicious fruit with a sweet to sour taste. Its pulp, leaves, bark and roots are known to cure cancer but the seed should not be eaten. Soursop seed is toxic – the reason why we failed to export several guyabano products abroad.

After a day, I got another chico fruit. I intentionally cracked a seed between my teeth. The white kernel under the thin black coating came out. I bit a small kernel portion and chew it without ingesting. I only wanted to know how it taste. It could be eaten if the taste would be good.

The chico seed tasted slightly bitter. After a while, my tongue felt a slight pain and itchiness. It seemed several small ants were biting my tongue.

According to, half of the seed kernel contains 1% saponin and 0.08 saponitin – a bitter substance. This explained why my tongue felt the bitterness and slight pain.

chico seeds

When eating chico, care should be taken not to ingest the seeds accidentally. It has a sharp hook on one side. It might cling to throat. Anyone need hospitalization if this happens. In addition, eating six seed kernels or more might cause abdominal pain and vomiting.

These statements are contradicting. Person experiencing kidney and bladder stone may take seed extract as treatment. It is also effective as diuretic, sedative and suporific. Would you like to take a medicine that will cause abdominal pain and vomiting?

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  1. Abdominal pain and swelling? That’s it? Sounds mild compared to the side effects of much of the poison pushed by the big pharmaceutical companies.

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