6 Reasons Why Children Love To Buy Junk Foods

When children started to walk and talk, they are learning one common thing. In fact parents never want their children to learn such thing at their early age. It is costly and unhealthy habit. Children are learning how to buy foods from sari-sari store. Maybe its good if they are buying fruits, veggies and healthy beverages. But they are buying sweet candies, artificial juices, colas and junk foods (tsitsirya or chichiria) – the high carbohydrates crackers.

Why children are so inclined to buy those junk foods? They are high in calories but lack many essential nutrients. Here are the five common reasons: junkies

1) They are very affordable, from one peso to five pesos each.

2) Wide area of availability. Almost every sari-sari store, grocery, mini mart, convenience store and supermarket carries it.

3) Toys are included in package. Children are willing to buy if the food has a free toy figure. They are just buying to collect action figures like Superman, Batman and Spiderman. They are very willing even if the commodity contains very little or bland food.

4) They have colorful packaging. Food taste is often associated with color. Bright shades of red, yellow and orange are often used. Some manufacturers are deceiving  the customers by using attractive package to their low quality products.

5) Famous cartoon characters are printed on front label. According to studies, crackers with cartoon characters are preferred by toddles and children. Perhaps you noticed it too, your kid want to buy junk foods with picture of Ben 1o and Powerpuff Girls.

6) Most junk foods are sweet. We are born with a sweet tooth. We tend to like any  sweet food item.

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