Tsismis Moment | Cobra Energy Drink, Blood Thickening?

Scenario. A guard was standing beside the door while drinking a cobra energy drink. He probably needed extra stamina. Standing there for the whole shift was really hard. Doing nothing is the hardest form of job. Do you agree? Then a sales clerk  talked to him. She said, “Why are you drinking that? It is known to cause blood thickening!”  The guard got scared dump the unfinished Cobra bottle.

two cobra tanzans

The scene happened inside Mercury Drug Store. The information seems reliable cause I heard it in the premise of Philippine leading drug store chain. I never know if she is a pharmacist or not. She might be and has an access to vast health knowledge. If not, her co-employees might have told her about it. Majority of company staffs are medical oriented. Hmm.. just my opinion. I heard no scientific proof.

Blood thickening ? It means the blood become thicker and stickier. It gives the heart harder pumping job and result to other uncomfortable symptoms. It can be life threatening if left untreated.

I tried to find why energy drinks like Cobra might cause blood thickening.

According to digitalnaturopath.com, exposure to chemicals might result to this illness. Energy drinks has lots of ingredients, perhaps majority are artificial. It make sense but other commercial products contain chemicals too.

Home Remedies stated that enormous loss body fluids is one of the causes. Maybe because some energy drinks are two sweet. Sugar particles may bind body H2O making them unavailable for use. Another is Vitamin B12 deficiency. Not this one! Cobra contain Vitamin B12. Other energy drink contain Vitamin B12 too.

This article from newser.com pointed out that drinking hypercaffeinated energy drink increased the risk of blot clots. Clotting makes the blood thicker. Hmm… The issue covers all energy drinks that contains too much caffeine.

It seems listening to other’s conversation provides some benefits. Sige sagap ka lang ng maraming tsismis!

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