Are You Using the Expensive Alternative Sweetener, Coconut Sugar?

There is an increasing demand for the alternative sweetener coconut sugar. In fact, the Department of Agriculture is exerting efforts to exports more coconut sugar. The target share is 1 Billion Dollars US. How about the local demand for this product? The product is a rare sight in leading groceries and large department stores.

Coconut sugar is claimed to have a low glycemic index of  35 to 54. Suited for persons with diabetes and health conscious fellow. Glucose release to blood stream is slower thus helpful in maintaining blood sugar level.

For sale : average retail price of 300 pesos depending on brand and rare location. One kilogram is enough for 200 cups of coffee. Five grams per serving serving, 1.50 pesos per cup. Using white sugar cost only 0.21 centavos.

Ohh! I like it sweet. I am adding one tablespoon per cup. So that will be 4.5 pesos as compared to only 0.63 centavos of white sugar. One kilogram sugar will only last for 67 preparations.

I want to cook ube haleya. A ten kilogram recipe calls for five kilograms sugar. So 300 pesos x five kilograms is 1,500 pesos. Using white sugar cost only 210 pesos.

Coconut sugar is a good alternative for big earners only. The big price difference and scarcity of supply are limiting factors. The best sugar alternative is avoidance, drink a plain tea, plain milk, black coffee and cut on sweet stuffs (ice cream, artificial beverages, candies and cakes).

Are You Using the Expensive Alternative Sweetener, Coconut Sugar?

Using coconut sugar plus unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle is like taking liver supplement and drinking more alcohol afterwards. Coconut sugar is still sugar. Using it like there is no tomorrow will still cause high blood sugar level.

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  1. You’ve raised some good points but a distinction must be made between people who’s only after the taste of sweetness or those who’s after flavor and good food.

    Personally, I take my coffee black – no cream, no sugar. And I only drink brewed coffee. The worst brewed coffee is almost always better than any instant coffee you’ll find here.

    If you’re going to limit your sugar intake (which is good for you), why not treat yourself to specialty sweeteners – it’s too costly to use too often, and consider the pleasure of having them as your reward. 😉

    Coco sugar is not likely to become a common sweetener, and logistics and present technology indicates that it can’t, at least not yet.

    Anyway, I have a longer response to this article which you’ll find here:

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