Coffee and Caffeine Products Should Not Be Taken by Diabetics

Coffee are healthy, contains antioxidants that adsorb free radicals. More free radicals means faster aging process and less means the reverse, feeling younger than your age. Antioxidant properties are products of non-enzymatic browning reactions, the Maillard Reaction. This takes place during roasting process, medium roast is claimed to have the highest. I never know if instant coffee still have the antioxidant properties.

instant coffee on tip of plastic spoon

I love drinking coffee. I usually drank twice a day before, in the morning and in the afternoon. But I must avoid drinking coffee as much as possible. Why? Every time I drink a cup, I can do more work than usual. Its  a good effect but after the effect is gone, I feel very tired, my head is aching and I cannot wake up early the next next. Continuous coffee drinking have other effects in my body, my arms feel so weakened and chest is achy. I cannot understand why but the feeling gradually disappear after a day of coffee abstinence. The symptoms come back every time I continue the habit.

The symptoms are also true for caffeine containing products such as energy drinks, cola, and coffee flavored pastries, ice cream and candies.

There is one more reason to hate coffee. I read the statement from Health and Home magazine. According to study, moderate consumption of caffeine can decrease insulin sensitivity by 15% (the test subject are 21 healthy people under age of 30). This could mean that a diabetic person taking medication is just canceling its effects by drinking coffee.

The insulin sensitivity decreasing effect was observed in healthy people drinking coffee in moderation. The effect could be worse for heavy coffee drinkers — more than 15% decrease. Or lets just say that coffee drinkers have higher chances of getting diabetes.

Is coffee healthy?

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