Drinking Brewed Coffee To Relieve Muscle Pains

So much for the bad effects of taking coffee. This one is a real good thing.

Muscle pain after exercise is normal especially during first time. Its your fist time to lift a barbel. Its your first time to run ten rounds in a Olympic size field. Its your first time to play basketball after five years of rest. Muscle pain in these situations is very likely.

Pain might also occur when overexerting one’s capacity or after a day of hectic schedule. Trying to transfer a thousand sacks of palay within a day. Climbing 100 coconut trees  to get coconut sap. Making 20 rounds of run instead of ten. Even a day of blogging work might cause arm pain.

Before taking any pain relievers, you might want to try drinking coffee. It can be used to relieved muscle pains. Two cups of brewed coffee or equivalent caffeine supplement  can relieved muscle pain. It should be taken an hour before exercise. Please prefer brewed coffee over the supplement!

This is proven by the study conducted by Professor Patrick O’Connor of University of Georgia. It reduces muscle pain by 48% and more effective than aspirin and ibuprofen.

Roasting process increases the amount of antioxidant in coffee. Antioxidant effect is being used by popular coffee brands for their advertisements. Coffee as pain killer might also be an effective promotional strategy.

The pain killing action is more of prevention than cure. I never knew if taking two cups of coffee can relieve existing pain.

I read about the information from Reader’s Digest.

brewed coffee as pain killer

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