Coffee Might Reduce The Chance of Getting Pregnant

Good news to all coffee drinkers! Ow! It is not a good news, it is bad instead.

Television commercial is building up coffee reputation. It is a good source of antioxidant – resulted from roasting process. However, there are coffee and caffeine bad effects that cannot be seen on tv but can be read on website.

A recent study by the University of Nevada, America discovered that too much coffee consumption have affect on women’s pregnancy – it decrease the chance of conception. Bad for mom wannabees.

The research paper is entitled – Inhibitory effect of caffeine on pacemaker activity in the oviduct is mediated by cAMP-regulated conductances.

It has negative effect on egg transport through the oviduct and may contribute to the documented delayed conception in women consuming caffeinated beverages. It weaken the fallopian tube muscles and thereby making the transport of egg from the ovary to the uterus difficult. Even two cups of coffee a day are enough to cause the stated effects.

There are other factors that affect women fertility such as premature menopause, hormonal imbalance and ovary problems. We should not throw the blame only to coffee. However, there is no harm in avoiding coffee and other caffeinated food and beverages. Softdrinks and caffeinated energy drinks do more harm than good.

If your a coffee drinking mom, then you would say that the study result is not true. Of course you have proofs, your children. But for couple who are having a hard time to have a baby, avoiding coffee would be a great step.

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