Coke Light or Coke Zero?

On my way home, she asked me to buy her a diet coke. So I did a stop near the 7-eleven store. I bought one Coke light and one Coke Zero because I was never sure of her preference.


I wonder what are the differences between the two soft drinks. They have exactly the same nutrition information, no calories, no fats, no carbohydrates and no proteins. The ingredients are exactly the same. Contains carbonated water, caramel color, food acids, sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame-k, natural flavors, preservative sodium citrate and caffeine. They have both this sign “Phenylketonurics:Contains Phenylalanine“.

For me, the taste are of no difference but she and brother said that Coke Zero taste better than Coke Light. Coke Zero cost two pesos less than coke light and the first is more appealing.


If you examine the ingredients closely. You will notice the placement of the term “food acids”. In Light, the term is written after sweeteners while in Zero, it is written after caramel colors. According to labeling rules, ingredients should be listed in decreasing order of proportion. Then it is safe to say that Coke Zero has more acids than Coke light. And this slight changed in acids might spell the taste difference.


I like the two products. Buy them both but don’t drink too much. Only clean water can be drink with no moderation.

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