Do Not Drink Cold Water After Eating Fatty Foods

How many of you have heard, ” never drink cold water immediately after eating fatty foods”? The next question is how many of you believed in the statement?

Fatty foods like pork back fat and chicken skins should be avoided. They tend to increase the amount of bad cholesterol in our system. Accumulation might result to unwanted events. fat cells

Pork is more delectable if cooked with back fat. Pork barbecue, adobo and sinigang are irresistible. The main meal of every occasion consist of pork dishes and one or two vegetable viands. Avoiding fatty dishes is hard due to these circumstances.

So in case you cannot avoid eating cholesterol rich foods, do not drink called water immediately after doing so. I never found any supporting documents about this but there are several theories that might explain the statement.

Animal fats are solid at room temperature. They are still liquid before consumption cause they cooked or reheated before every meal. They are still liquid inside our body but it changes when we drink cold water. Stomach might get cold enough to solidify liquid fats. Solid fats take longer to digest.

Fat and water and immiscible. Drinking cold water immediately will make fat float to upper part of stomach. Time for excretion is longer and therefore more cholesterol will be absorbed by the system.

The statement might not be true but following it will do no harm. I am not telling to eat meat as much as you want nor giving the freedom to eat fatty foods without the guilt. Stay away from them as much as possible.

Update as of June 15, 2012… Refer to this , The Bad Effects of Drinking Cold Water | Part 2, for a more detailed and specific information.

7 Replies to “Do Not Drink Cold Water After Eating Fatty Foods”

  1. This is misleading. You cant just repost something that you have just read and you didn’t even looked around the internet if what you just have read if its real or hoax.
    Our body isn’t dumb , it can automatically regulates the temperature inside us. Wonder why we chill when we are cold? its because our body automatically do that to burn calories to regulate our temperature. Ever wonder why there’s a clear liquid if we have a gash or cut? Our body releases that fluid so our blood will clot and prevent bleeding.
    O yeah, one other thing, ever wonder why our nose are made downward not upward? Answer is: So that if it rains or if we take a bath we will not drown because of the water filling our nose.

    Conclusion: Its fine to drink “Called Water”. XD

  2. The information in this article is misleading and confusing. Fat is NOT digested and absorbed in the stomach. It is digested and absorbed in the small intestine where the enzyme LIPASE is released by the pancreas and BILE by the liver. Avoiding a cold drink will not benefit you at all. It is better to avoid FATTY foods (especially foods being served in FASTFOOD restaurants like Jollibee, McDo, KFC, Mang Inasal etc) altogether to avoid future health problems 🙂

      1. “Stomach might get cold enough to solidify liquid fats” – Our body maintains a constant temperature of 36.7 degrees celcius so it is impossible for our stomach to get too cold except during winter season and you are suffering from hypothermia.

  3. i like this information, it’s helpful. (but also I’m distracted by the spelling of “called” water?). Thanks you for sharing useful informations and recipes. 🙂

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