Wanna Drink Collagen For a Healthier Looking Skin?

Oh my! This bottle tricked me. Sister showed this to me saying she got intrigued and bought one. I thought it was a body lotion at my very first glance. The shape looks like one. Color complexion is pink with various flower and leaves patches. The term “beautiful skin” and “collagen 1,000 mg” reinforced my thinking that it was really a body lotion.

collagen drink 2

Okay! it is a collagen drink which promises a beautiful skin if taken continuously.

collagen drink 1

I am wondering how this collagen drink and any others of its kind can help supply our body with collagen. Our Chemistry, Biochemistry and Food Chemistry Professors explained well what is happening to every protein that enters our body via mouth. Collagen is protein. Proteins will be bathed with digestive acid and will be broken down to its amino acid components. The amino acids are then absorbed to bloodstream for use to different body parts.

Drinking collagen sounds like a shortcut to a younger looking skin. I am not sure if it works or not, perhaps not. The sure thing is, this will add 31 grams carbs, fake apple flavor, hard to digest fructose and a dose of sodium benzoate to your diet.

collagen drink 3

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