How to Control Blood Glucose

I like this article from Readers Digest , Nov. 2009 issue. I just want to share it.

7  Ways to Lower Blood Glucose

1) Choose low glycemic index (GI curb) foods and keep carb portion moderate. Choosing low GI foods can help keep blood glucose low and steady.

2) Make three of your carb servings wholegrain. Makes sure that the carbs you do eat count by choosing wholegrain, which help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

3) Eat two serves of fruit daily and five serving of vegetable. Most fruits and vegetables have little carbohydrate content and are packed with vitamins and minerals, fiber and health protective compounds.

4) Eat protein at every meal. Proteins lowers the overall GI of meals and helps carb hunger, making weight lost easier.

5) Favor good fats. bad saturated fats can interfere with your ability for control blood glucose while good. Unsaturated fats help your body control it better. Good fats have lower GI

6) Eat smaller portions. Even when you eat low GI-diet, calories count. Cutting calories can help you fight insulin resistance.

7) Add acidic food to your meals . Like adding vinegar to salads and other foods. Acetic acid may speed the rate at which glucose is move out to your bloodstream and into muscle cells for storage.


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