Cytokinins and Buko Juice | Anti-Cancer and Anti-Aging Mix

While thinking for a possible title for a mini-thesis, the cytokinin in coconut came to my mind. Of all the plant, young green coconut, buko, is the richest source of cytokinins. For that reason, the coconut water can be used for growing other plants. However, I never want pouring it down the ground. I’d rather save it in refrigerator for later consumption.

Cytokinin is a plant hormone. The substance is produce in root section then transported to other parts of the plant. It promotes lateral branching when present in sufficient amount. Plants treated with more cytokinin produced more branches than untreated. It is being used for seedless grapes production. It induce cell division, growth and differentiation.

It promotes cell division but inhibits the formation of mutant cells, the cancer cells. It also maintains cell youth and retard aging. These are the reasons why I never want giving the precious coconut water to plants.

The anti-cancer and anti-aging are also true on animal and human tissues. A detached teeth and or other tissues are better preserved by coconut water than any other commercial formula. The preserving property is attributed to cytokinins.

I never thought coconut water is this good!

My proposed mini-thesis, “Growth Performance of Pechay Treated With Coconut Water”. I am still thinking of better options.

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