DOST Pushes Brown Rice Campaign

Department of Science and Technology (DOsT) is promoting brown rice via its attached agency Food and Nutrition Research Institute, FNRI. It is a nationwide campaign. It will be one of the featured product this coming National Science and Technology Week that will be held at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, July 23-27, 2013.

Brown rice is one solution to address food security. It is just like any other rice, however, it is different in the way that only husk was removed during cleaning process. The white polished rice is further sent to second milling process which removes the bran layer.

Removing the bran also removes nutrients like: fiber, minerals, Vitamin B, vitamin E – prevents beri beri, Selenium and Manganese.

Brown rice has short shelf life. Average of three months if I am right. The outside layer is prone to rancidity. The agency is finding ways to lenghten it. Other related studies are also on-going.

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  1. As much as many people would like to eat brown rice, the price gets in the way, so I hope they can make it affordable for all.

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