Tinkering with the Chopped and Dried Mangosteen Peels

I think I did something wrong with the mangosteen peels I dried before. It was perfectly dried based on my senses. However, it became too hard to pound in mortar and pestle. It gonna break the ceramic and it would take forever with a wooden one. I could barely break a piece with my teeth. I would have a hard time converting it to smaller pieces with a manual corn mill either. I should have chopped it to smaller pieces when still fresh. On the other hand, it was not the time for regret. Re-wetting, re-chopping and re-drying was not a good option.

chopped dried mangosteen peelsDo not worry too much about the size if a commercial heavy duty mill is available. It will will break it to pieces  regardless of the size and hardness.

The hot beverage preparation. Lazy mode. I dropped all the dried mangosteen pieces in mug. Filled it with hot water from the hot and cold water dispenser and covered it. I know a hard wood flavor won’t disperse easily in water not as hot as boiling. I patiently waited almost fifteen minutes before opening.

What I saw next was not as nice as I was expecting. The solution became slightly brown with numerous yellow dots and some candle like specs floating on surface. The yellows came from the peels which I can see clearly. I have no idea bout the candle like specs.

infused mangosteen peelsI felt like drinking a wood infused water with slightly astringent taste. It was so different that what I drank before.

The peel pieces were sinking one by one as I drink.



I tried grinding it in manual corn meal. I set the burrs loose so I could easily turn the rotating handle. Too loose won’t be effective in reducing the particle size so I was tightening the burrs a bit for every run. I did over ten runs but  never attained what I wanted. Rotating the handle became harder and harder up to the point when I couldn’t turn it anymore.

dried mangosteen peels before grinding trialdried mangosteen peels after grinding trialSee Mangosteen Powder – Shredding Before Drying.

3 Replies to “Tinkering with the Chopped and Dried Mangosteen Peels”

  1. Hi, I just boiled the dried mangosteen rind and it tastes quite bitter. Id like to ferment my drink as mentioned by dennis. How do I ferment it? just add sugar and let it sit for 15 days?

  2. Marvin, the mangosteen peel, you will just have put sugar, or food grade molasses and ferment it for 15 days, that would be a great drink ! A medicinal drink at that !

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