Drunkorexia, Skipping Meal to Drink Alcohol

Lunch time: Pedro had a drinking session with his co-employees. Evening: He had a drinking session with his peers. The next morning:he went to sari-sari store to buy two bottles of beer. Perhaps you are familiar with this kind of scenario, the so called lansengero – do nothing but drinking from day till night.


file of empty alcohol bottles

Lasengero drink alcohol and consuming less amount of food. Most often, they forgot to eat their meal because the calories in alcohol is just too much for their stomach. Some intentionally skipped their meal in order to drink more alcohol.

Some individual are practicing these kind of diet. Drink more alcohol and eat less. The practice is called Drunkorexia. It is considered an illness because it will do more harm than good.

I am not an alcohol drinker but I drink occasionally. I am not an alcohol fan because of its bitter taste. A shot of gin, rum, wine or a can of beer rarely touches my mouth.

Drinking alcohol in moderation can be beneficial but the thing is under debate. Excessive alcohol drinking damage the liver and affect the healthy diet. Getting intoxicated is not a good feeling. Dizziness, headache and frequent urination are very uncomfortable. People are still drinking and learning how to drink more as a social part of life.

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