Eat Banana Regularly For Potassium Intake

She often buys banana. Not because she love eating the yellow fruit but because she is afraid of the things that might happen if we lack the important mineral it contain.

My professor in college told me that her favorite fruit is the yellow banana. Each banana contains over 400 mg of potassium, enough to prevent her illness from attacking. She never mentioned the disease she has. For her, eating banana is a very important activity she should not missed.

Recently, she told me of what happened to son of her office mate. This boy suddenly felt extreme weakness after their class activity. He felt very weak that he was unable to stand by himself. He was hospitalized for several days but the doctors failed to diagnosed any disease except for the lack of potassium.

That incident was scary. Lack of potassium can send you to bed like a wilted vegetable. The boy was known to hate eating fruits and vegetables.

To avoid such incident, she often buy banana for our daily potassium needs.
ripe saba banana

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