How to Eat Raw Onions

I never know the reasons for the need to eat raw onions. It might be healthier when eaten fresh! In case you want it, here are the means to achieve the ultimate goal – eating raw onions.

1) Onion taste is not as bad as garlic. I think eating it raw is not as hard. Dipping it in vinegar, soy sauce, catsup and barbecue sauce will help.

onion on hand

2) Mix it with sandwich spread. When I was in high school, cheese pimiento sandwich was my favorite buy. I was surprised when I noticed the small bits of raw onions. I never thought that raw onions gives a kick of delectable spicy taste.

3) Pizza toppings. I was a real clueless back then. The crunchy and spicy pizza toppings I love to eat are onion slices. Pizza is baked before serving but the baking time and temperature are not enough to render it soft.

4) In most meat recipe, onions are sauteed or cooked but there are some that require it raw. Onion rings are added as topping immediately after cooking. Oh! I can’t recall the recipe name.

5) The onion, tomato and fried fish trio. My better half often do this kind of thing. Slice some fresh ripe tomatoes and onions. Place it on side of the plate. Fry a fish of choice such as tilapia, galunggong, tulingan and bangus. Place it on opposite side. Lastly, add a cup of hot rice on the center and the meal is ready to serve.

6) Mix it with salad. Tokyo Tokyo restaurant is serving vegetable salad with slices of large white onion. The salad is often include in a variety of menu.

Warning: Refrain from talking near to other persons. You might have bad breath already. Brush teeth and rinse with mouthwash.

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