Eating Sweet and Sour Guyabano Fruit

Before, we have many guyabano trees. The number decreased because the demand for this succulent and very perishable fruit is very low. A ripe fruit today will be spoiled tomorrow. Now, we have only few trees left.

Before, my mother only sells big and sweet fruits. No one are willing to buy the small ones. Small fruits are just eaten at home or got spoiled when no one was interested. I often see fruits just falling to the ground because the tree variety is sour. Most of us love sweet fruit and hate the sour version.

Recently the news about astounding health benefits of guyabano spread rapidly. From then on, no fruits from are farm are gone to waste. Every fruit are salable, big and small (even the size of a fist), sweet and sour. I need to grab a fruit from my mother’s sack in order to have one.

Too bad, we only have few trees!

I usually remove the peel and center part of guyabano before eating. The center part, next to stalk, is not tasty so I need to throw it away. I spit the seed one by one while chewing. I avoid cracking any seeds because they are reported to have toxic properties.

guyabano flesh

In case of sour variety, adding sugar will counter the sourness.

guyabano sprinkled with sugar

4 Replies to “Eating Sweet and Sour Guyabano Fruit”

  1. i am a cancer survivor for 3 years ( cervical ). can i take guyabano tea
    ? what measurement and how many times for my supplement for avoiding any cancer cells to be active again. can it be lifetime tea for those who had cancer and even with those who just want to take it to avoid illness

  2. We have one guyabano tree but the leave and fruit has white thing. And we have lots of big red ants. Kindly advice me how to get rid of this pest. Thanks

    1. The white things are called dapulak or psyllid. Insects which feed on plants and secret honeydew. The big red ants or unyang farming honeydew secretions. Getting rid of psyllids by means of spraying insecticide will also drive the ants away.

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