Eating Pineapple as Dewormer

Mom woke me up early in the morning, about 4 am. I stood up and asked why. My two brothers were awake too. They were sitting beside the table. Their eyes were barely opened while eating ripe pineapples. Mom told me to eat too.

ripe sliced pineapples

Why pineapple in the morning? Elders were telling us that fruits and other acidic foods should not be eaten first in the morning. One should eat rice before eating such. Acid foods can make someone stomach bad, an achy stomach or diarrhea.

Mom said, eating pineapple very early in the morning can get rid of intestinal parasites. As much as possible, the stomach should be free of anything before taking it. Other foods should not be consumed immediately after. Eating it early in the morning then sleeping again avoids consumption of other meal.

I never know if it is true or effective. We tried it only once.I have never heard about it from others. Have you tried it? Is pineapple has purgative effect? I tried searching about it on web and the results were negative. No studies or testimonies to prove it.


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