Uses and Medicinal Benefits of Eggplant

I have just read from the issue of Health and Home magazine that a group of Australian researchers developed an organic topical cream from glycoalkaloids, a group of cancer killing compounds present in eggplant. Glykoalkaloids invade cancer cells and stimulate the cell’s owns digestive enzymes, which cause lesions to disappear in as short as four weeks.

The name of cream was not mentioned. But it was still good that medicine came from mother nature. Fruits and vegetables are really natural healers even though most of medical practitioners denied the effectiveness of natural medicines.



According to Bureau of Plant and Industry, other medicinal uses of eggplants are the following:

  1. The root of the wild plant is boiled along with sour milk and grain porridge, for the treatment of syphilis.
  2. Roots are used for treatment of skin diseases.
  3. The roots, dried stalk, and leaves are used in decoction for washing sores and discharging surfaces, and as an astringent for haemorrhages from the bladder and for the other haemorrhages fluxes.
  4. The leaves are used as an anodynes.
  5. A decoction or infusion of the leaves is a medicine for throat and stomach troubles.
  6. The long fruit is phlegmatic and generative of phthisis, coughs, and loss of appetite.
  7. The tender fruit is antiphlegmatic and alleviative of wind and the ripe fruit is bilious.
  8. The burnt fruit is light in digestion, purgative, slightly bilious, and beneficial in phlegm, wind, and obesity.
  9. It has also been recommended as an excellent remedy for those suffering from liver complaints.
  10. The fruit is regarded as cooling, and is used, bruised with vinegar, as a poultice for abscesses and cracked nipples.
  11. The peduncle, incinerated, is used in intestinal haemorrhages, piles, and toothache.
  12. The seeds are used as a stimulant but are apt to lead to dyspepsia and constipation.

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  1. Thanks for the info.My family has been taking malunggay turmeric n raw green labuyo everyday giving us a strong n healhy body.No sickness at all.God is great for all his blessings.

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