The Energen GO-Fruit Strawberry

There is Energen Milk (original). Then there is Energen Chocolate. Now there is Energen GO-Fruit. The new variation comes in red package. Labeled, ” Energen GO-Fruit, Instant Oat with Real Fruit”. The real fruit they are referring to is none other than strawberry. The package is red and the strawberry halves in picture looks very real.

energen go fruit front labelenergen go fruit back labelI am sure what is inside is a dessicated version. Preserving a fresh strawberries inside this small sachet is not impossible but seems very hard. It is desiccated and perhaps have been stripped off with juice and nutrients.

A nice fragrant aroma reached my senses upon opening the package. It is the nice strawberry smell. I poured it down to a cup of newly boiled water. A typical look of original Energen with red specs. The reds rehydrated itself but never looked like anything close to real strawberries. Okay! It was a desiccated fruit. Returning to its original form after rehydration should not be expected.

just poured energen go fruit into hot waterjust poured energen go fruit into hot waterThe general sensory property is somewhat similar to its original and chocolate counterpart. The only difference is the added strawberries.

Let us read what are on the back label.

Energen GO-Fruit is made of milk, oat, cereal, enriched with real fruit that provides healthy and delicious meal for your daily consumption.

Energen GO-Fruit is rich in Vitamin A, B2, Folic Acid, B12 and Calcium.

Energen GO-Fruit for a healthy lifestyle.

How to Prepare: Pour Energen GO-Fruit into a cup. Add 150 ml hot water, stir thoroughly. Energen GO-Fruit is ready to be served.

Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat flour, Creamer, Milk Powder, Corn, Oats, Dried Fruit (Strawberry), Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Strawberry flavour, Vitamin premix, Eggs and Malt extract.

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