The Fake Green Tea : A Cure-All Medicine?

Do you know the name of this plant below? Please tell me the real name of this plant!

People in our place called it green tea. Maybe because they are boiling the leaves and drinking it like a tea. Or maybe because the resulting decoction is color green. I just call it fake green tea – I know its not the real thing.

They also stated that this is a cure-all medicine.

fake green tea

This plant grow in mom’s garden. No one planted it. Many people passing by are asking for some leaves. They are saying that it can cure many diseases. They drink it regularly.

Mother-in-law used it as cure for her stomach ache.

Me, mom and brother are drinking it in case of cough. Very effective for me.

She used it a while ago as cure for her dysmenorrhea.

Friends’ family doctor said it is indeed a cure for many illnesses.

I gonna get picture of whole plant tomorrow and post it for easy identification. Hope someone can identify it!

update as of june 17, 2011

Here are the two more pictures of fake green tea. They look like a vine but they are shrub with succulent stems. The leaves has a slight smell of atangya but will be gone after boiling. Can be eaten fresh for its health benefits. The taste is bland with a slimy mouth feel.

fake green tea plant close up

fake green tea plant

update as of june 28, 2011

The leaves below are from bayabas, rambutan and fake green tea. A friend said, the plant is called luk wat, from the word “look what”. The fake green tea leaf  looks like bayabas leaf and rambutan leaf.  They cannot decide which is more similar so they just called it “luk wat“. Does it make sense?

rambutan bayabas leaves

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