How to Determine Fake Drugs / Medicines

Tips to determine counterfeit drugs:
1) Middle line is not in straight line. or: It has no bisection or middle line.
2) Easily pulverize, powdery.
3) The color is pale compared to original.
4) Has a blurred label and missing letters.
5) Look for the FDA license number
6) Buy only from trusted of licensed drug stores.

We should be careful, counterfeit drugs are proliferating in the marketplace.

Counterfeit medicines were seized by Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and IP (Intellectual Property Rights) Manila in warehouses and drugstores of Paranaque, Pasig and Manila city. Fake medicines inludes: antibiotics, vitamins, cough syrup, medicines for heart and hypertension, antirabies, whitening and diet pills. They are imitations or popular brands: Fpizer, Novartis and Astra zeneca. The fake drugs originated from Pakistan, China, Malaysia and India.

According to Philippine Food and Drug Administration, taking fake medicines is dangerous and can be fatal particularly to individuals with heart problems, diabetes, hypertesion and asthma. Fake drugs might contain ingredients that are prohibited to those persons.

Normal persons taking counterfeit medicines may experience allergies, breathing difficulties, skin rashes, diarrhea and fever.

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  1. Napakasama ng mga taong gumagawa nito! Imagine you are taking a fake antirabies medicine. Eh napaka deadly ng rabies. You are thinking ur safe not knowing fake pla ung meds. Siguradong kamatayan hahantungan mo nyan. Dapat tlaga ikulong yung mga gumagawa nyan.

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