Food Filled With Chemicals: A Misconception

Is chemical substance something we should afraid of?

Health conscious persons often opt for unprocessed foods and organic meats, fruits and vegetables. Processed foods; plants grown with the aid of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides; and animals fed with commercial formula and administered with antibiotics and other drugs. All of them are believed to cause harm to human health because of various chemicals added to them.

I often hear the words, “I do not want that, it has lot of chemicals” or “People nowadays are sickly and has short life cause of the food we eat, filled with chemicals”. There are other versions but mean the same thing, it make chemical a bad thing.

Chemical is a form of matter which has constant chemical composition. It cannot be altered by any physical means. The air we breath is a chemical substance, the oxygen, O2. The water we drink, H2O, is a chemical. Water, ice and water vapor have the same chemical composition, still H2O. The essential nutrients we get from daily diet are all chemicals. The protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Our body are made of immeasurable quantity of chemicals. Chemical intake is necessary to keep it organized.

Consuming any kind of food is synonymous to taking chemicals. However, there are good and bad chemicals. Bad must be avoided.

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  1. Plants and animals (considered food) that are laden with chemicals like growth hormones, anti-biotic, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides all have “cide effects” to humans and animals.

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