10 Replies to “Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid for Filipinos”

  1. the food pyramid is very informational but then you did not post the serving size of every food so we don’t know how much we are eating.

  2. Very helpful information on the Food Pyramid. Now we are aware that there are different Food Guide for different age group.

    1. You mean you want a high quality images for printing?

      Clicking every pictures will jump to a large and high quality image. That would be enough for a whole large tarpaulin print out.

      Save the large high quality images for print out.

  3. Finally–been crawling the web for copies of these.
    The FNRI site seems down and can’t get these from there.

    Thank a lot!

    1. I noticed it too – fnri web is often down. I downloaded all of them and posted it here when I got the chance. I also secured their permission.

  4. Epic site I’m so glad I stumbled here through my friend’s blog, Going to need to add this one to the blogroll.

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