Daily Nutritional Guide Pyramid for Filipinos

nutrional guide pyramid for filipinos

This Nutritional guide pyramid will help maintain a healthy balanced diet. Detailed one-week and one-day sample menus are also available.

(Click image to enlarge. Two pages post)

For ages 1 to 6
food pyramid ages 1-6

Ages 7-12
food pyramid ages 7-12

food pyramid teens

food pyramid adult



  • the food pyramid is very informational but then you did not post the serving size of every food so we don’t know how much we are eating.

  • Very helpful information on the Food Pyramid. Now we are aware that there are different Food Guide for different age group.

  • can i have on original copy of the different pyramids for my corner im a BNS iN our barangay pls

    • You mean you want a high quality images for printing?

      Clicking every pictures will jump to a large and high quality image. That would be enough for a whole large tarpaulin print out.

      Save the large high quality images for print out.

  • Finally–been crawling the web for copies of these.
    The FNRI site seems down and can’t get these from there.

    Thank a lot!

    • I noticed it too – fnri web is often down. I downloaded all of them and posted it here when I got the chance. I also secured their permission.

  • At last! Someone who uendrstands! Thanks for posting!

  • Epic site I’m so glad I stumbled here through my friend’s blog, Going to need to add this one to the blogroll.

  • Good Information on the Food guide Pyramid…

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